Labeling devices for inventory management



Label is a remark that users can apply to devices in D-View 7 to better manage devices. Depending on the need of your device management, a device can be applied with multiple labels; and a label can be applied to multiple devices.  


Multiple Labels on Devices 

Users can use different names to separate the devices in different network areas.  For example, you can create labels such as New York, London or Taipei to represent devices in different locations.  You may also want to use different names on devices to indicate the group of users of the devices.  By creating multiple labels on devices, it provides the flexibility to group devices for management purposes.  


Conceptual Example

The below diagram illustrates an conceptual example of using labels and multiple labels in device management.  Users can easily trace devices for the RD team even if these two devices belong to two different location.


To see more, please refer to this article for a scenario of using labels for inventory management.

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