Deploying a remote probe


We will use a scenario below to illustrate how to deploy a remote probe. For situations you need to install a remote probe, please refer to this article.


The D-View 7 is using a public IP address. Now we wish to deploy a remote probe for remote site. Detailed information is summarized as below:


Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1: Obtain association code

  • Go to System > License
  • Click on Add Probe

  • Input the name for the Probe as Training for example
  • Click on NEXT

  •  After you click on Next, an activation code will be given.  Click on Apply

  • At this time, a notice message will pop up to remind you to enter the activation code in the probe server.  Click on OK


Step 2: Install remote probe at remote site

  • Check whether your system meet the requirements for installing probe by referring to this article
  • Download D-View 7 Probe and install it at the computer from remote site
  • Double-click on D-View 7 Probe Setup file 

  • At this time, the D-View 7 Probe set up wizard will pop up.  Click on Next

  • Accept the terms of the license agreement and click on Next

  • Confirm the destination folder.  Then click on Install

  • To complete the installation, click on Finish


Step 3: Configure remote probe to activate it

Activate the remote probe is important for D-View 7 to recognize and communicate with it. 

  • Double-click on D-View 7 Probe Configuration icon from desktop, the probe settings page will appear
  • Input as the core server of this example
  • Input the association code obtained from step 1
  • Click on Active
  • Confirm the remote Probe IP to be as of this example, click on Apply


Step 4: Configure remote probe on D-View 7 

Now go back to the D-View 7 system to configure the remote probe for D-View 7 to obtain proper information from it  

  • Go to System > License, the remote probe is now online as below.

  • To configure the remote probe, go to System > Discovery
  • Click on the  button

  • The Discover Setting window will pop up
  • Input probe Name as Training
  • Input the location of the probe (optional)
  • Set the discover time as 5 minutes 
  • Click on Add Rule

  • Select the SNMP version
  • Input RO & RW Community passwords as public and private
  • Input the IP range
  • Input the Alias to be network
  • Click on Add

  • Click on Save once back to the Discover Setting


Review Settings

  • Let's review the remote probe settings from System > Discovery
  • The status of the remote probe of Training is as below

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