Creating a customized dashboard


D-View 7 offers the flexibility for you to customize dashboard to show the information you desire. Let's use a scenario to illustrate the steps.


The CIO of Company A believes it is important to have a customized dashboard for her to obtain immediate picture of  the core-layer switch DGS-3100. Items to be closely monitored include CPU utilization, memory utilization, and ping response. 


Step 1: Create a customized dashboard 

  • Go to Dashboard > Customized 
  • Click on on the left panel
  • Fill out info for the new dashboard
  • Click on Save

Step 2: Create widgets

  • Click on add a widget for the dashboard
  • Provide a name for this widget and choose a device
  • Select CPU Utilization for sensor from the drop down menu
  • Click on Create

Repeat above steps for Memory Utilization and Ping to complete the customized dashboard. Let's review settings in below

Review Settings

On the right panel, you can review the widgets just created for this dashboard.


  1. You can re-arrange the order of the widgets
  2. Chart types can be selected by clicking on  on each widget
  3. Widgets can be deleted by clicking on  on each widget
  4. Customized dashboard can be renamed or deleted by clicking on 
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