What are managed and unmanaged devices in inventory?


In D-View 7’s Inventory, devices are grouped into two categories: managed and unmanaged.

1. Managed devices

Managed devices refer to the devices that are discovered and monitored by D-View 7 and therefore called the managed devices.  D-View 7 can communicate, collect data and execute commands with the managed devices.  

Each device information, including online / off-line status, IP address, Mac address, FW/HW version will be shown. The underlined hyperlink in the “System Name” offers specific device’s dynamic panel, operation, and port information. In addition, each managed device will count towards one node license.

2. Unmanaged Devices

Unmanaged devices are the devices that are also discovered by D-View 7 from the probe collection but not aren't in the D-View 7 managed list.  Hence, D-View 7 can't communicate or monitor those devices. The information on the MAC address, device type, model name, FW/HW version are visible if the device was already attributed from D-View managed list before. And of course, an unmanaged device will not consume a node license.

By default, all devices discovered by D-View 7 will be put into the unmanaged list first.  However, if the discovered devices are D-Link devices and if you also have enough node licenses, these devices will automatically be put into the managed device list.  



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