Overview of Event View



D-View 7 has a log mechanism to record key activities on both the devices and D-View 7 system in its Event View.  Users can easily track previous activities for management and trouble shooting purposes.  You can go to Monitor > Event View to see the list of event.


Types of Event View

There are two types of event being logged: device event and system event.

  • Device event  is the event related to device itself where a sensor plays the role of triggering it.  When a predefined threshold on the device is met, an event would be generated automatically and will be listed in the device event.
  • System event  are events when the probe discovered a specific device or when devices are being changed in its management status by users.


Managing Events

A good network management provides the network administrator a way to distinguish events. Hence, in D-View 7, users can set aside and mark events as acknowledged events when it has been taken care to focus on other more important events .  Therefore, there are active event and acknowledged event in both the device event or system event.

As an example, if you know that an active event has been taken care of, such as, re-patch the lost network connections, you can:

  1. Select that event from the list
  2. Press the Acknowledge button to mark that active event as acknowledged event to show that issue has been solved.  
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