Monitoring network with rack view


The Rack View creates a virtual racks with the devices populated on it.  It provides a visualization of the health and active ports of the selected devices in real-time where any fault or performance issue are highlighted with color icons.  Let's use a scenario to illustrate the best practice.


You plan to put the following 4 devices into a virtual rack:

Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1: Create a new rack group

  • Go to Monitor > Rack View
  • Click on  to create a new rack group in order to add rack and devices
  • At this point, a wizard will pop up


Step 2: Fill out info for the new rack

  • Provide name and description of this new rack
  • Click on Create


Step 3: Add rack and devices

  • Click on Add Rack on the right  
  • A New Rack area will show up, click on  to add devices

  • A list of devices will show up for you to select the device to add to this rack.  Select the 4 devices as in scenario
  • Click on Add


Step 4: Edit rack name

  • Move the mouse to top of the rack and edit name there



Step 5: Changing the position of device within the rack

  • Select the device which you wish to change position
  • Drag it to where you desire to place



Tip #1

To view the active port and the front panel of a device, click on 

Tip #2

You can also rename or delete the rack by click on  next to the rack


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