Using device labels in inventory management


When managing a large number of network equipment, you may find it difficult to find a device. In this case, putting a label in devices will make it easier to locate the device.  In addition, applying multiple tags maybe useful when you wish to assign the same devices for different team to manage. Let's use below scenario to illustrate.



You are managing 5 network devices, including 4 DGS series switches and 1 DWC wireless controller.  Detailed information regarding the model, IP address, location and department are in the table below

A total of 5 labels are needed: 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor, 6th Floor, Engineering and Marketing. 


Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1:  Create a Label

  • Go to Inventory 
  • Click on  to create a new label
  • At this point, a Create New Label wizard will pop up.



Step 2: Fill out label information 

  • Set the label name as 2nd Floor
  • Select the Label Color 
  • Add in Description (optional)
  • Click on Create

Repeat the above steps for the other labels. We only illustrate 1 example here.  When all 5 labels are created, the left panel under Inventory should look like the following:



Step 3: Apply labels to the devices

  • Go to Inventory
  • Select the device you wish to apply labels
  • For example of DGS-1500-20, once you choose this device, a Label button should appear at the top
  • From the drop-down menu of Label, apply both 2nd Floor and Engineering labels to this device
  • Click on Apply

Repeat the above steps to other devices to complete this steps.  Let's review settings.


Review Settings

  • Go to Inventory
  • In the managed list, you can see the labels we created are associated with a few devices.
  • Say we like to locate the 3 devices for the Engineering department, select the Engineering label
  • The devices with Engineering label will appear on the right panel


Tip:  You can rename or delete the labels by clicking on  next to the labels.


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