Monitoring network with a customized topology


By default, the devices that are discovered according to the probe’s IP Range / Subnet setting are automatically included in the topology network diagram.  However, as the size and complexity of the networks increase, a system administrator may want to see a customized topology map only on certain devices for some purposes.  In this case, a customized topology will come in handy.

Let’s use a scenario to illustrate how to create a customized topology.



Create a customized topology with the following devices and its network connectivity.

  • DGS-1500-20 (IP address: 192.168.15)
  • DGS-3100-24 (IP address: 192.168.17)
  • DGS-3120-24TC (IP address:


Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1: Create a new customized topology

  • Go to Monitor > Topology View
  • Then select Customized from the left panel
  • Click on the  to create a new topology
  • At this time, a Create New Topology wizard will pop up


 Step 2: Choose Device

  • Select Manually for the topology generate way
  • Place a check mark on the 3 devices as described in the scenario by selecting them
  • Then click on Next



Step 3: Topology Information

  • Fill the Name of this topology as "Selected-Device-Topology"
  • You can fill out the Description of the topology here (optional)
  • Select the Display Type as Tree
  • In the drop down menu of Central Device for display, select DGS-3120-24TC
  • Then click on Apply

Now we are done with the steps in creating a customized topology.  Let's review its settings. 


Review Settings

We can review the newly created customized topology.

  • Go to Monitor > Topology View
  • Select Customized
  • Select the newly created topology - Selected-Device-Topology
  • Then you can see the customized topology on the right panel



Tip #1

  • You can manually draw a line to connect any two devices even if they are not physically connected with each other.  When this is the case, the link will show the status as "unknown" and "down". Practically, you might want to demonstrate that virtually there is a connection relationship between the 2 devices when they are not physically connected.

Tip #2

  • You can rename or delete a customized topology by click on  next to the topology.
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